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JLove Calderón

I'm a social entrepreneur, activist, author, coach and most importantly, a creator. I use storytelling through Film, TV and Books to create awareness, drive action, and fight for justice.



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The mission of Black Women Animate is to change the world of animation by providing our innovative animators with the resources and access needed to be influencers in the industry.

Animation is an endearing, loved art form because it gives us the opportunity to use our imagination and examine the human experience in an experimental, whimsical, and comical way. 

Black Women Animate is designed to change the quality and scope of animation by giving black women their rightful place in the industry, especially when it comes to controlling their narratives.

If you are interested in learning about our slate please contact our agent Stewart Cavanaugh

My passion for storytelling first manifested in writing. I've authored, edited and contributed to seven books ranging from fiction, nonfiction and conscious curricula for classroom liberation. Here's a glimpse into my work as a published author!


That White Girl

That White Girl is a fresh and hard-edged novel chronicling a young woman's quest for self-discovery while straddling two worlds, that of her middle-class Irish Catholic upbringing and her new family -- the Crips, America's notorious street gang. Based on JLove's incredible life story, this book is a sharp and candid coming-of-age story, with hip-hop as its backdrop. 


Occupying Privilege

So, um, what the hell is white privilege anyway, and do I have it?

The short answer is if you’re white, yeah, you do. Good news is, there’s a lot we can do, together, to undo the power dynamics and racism which keep us from embracing freedom for all. 


Conscious Women Rock The Page

Four women have teamed up to support educators who wish to use hip hop fiction in their classrooms to explore social issues and promote activism among their students.


We Got Issues!

There is a movement brewing among America’s daughters. Women are branding their own form of social and political leadership. Young women have huge hopes and aspirations for themselves, and for their societies.


'Til the White Day is Done

White people are the world's minority, yet white supremacy and racism are the scaffolding on which the American political and socioeconomic systems are built. This book is meant to catapult us to action, prompt dialogue, stimulate our minds and hearts, and provide educators with profound yet practical tools for creating social justice.

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Uncommon Bonds

The 2016 Presidential campaign revealed deep fissures across and between women along racial lines that captured news headlines. This collection of essays, however, gets to the heart of uncommon bonds—those bonds of deep friendship between women across race. Race matters. It bonds, and it breaks.